If all required documents were submitted, and your application is considered "Complete" you will receive an automated message from Info@caliheapapply.com notifying you of your application status (Benefitted or Denied).

Your local LIHEAP office may mail back your application or contact you directly to collect missing information or documentation. 

Check your inbox or spam folder to make sure you don't miss any notifications. You can also check the status of your application by logging in to CALIHEAPAPPLY.com and scrolling down to the "Submitted Applications" section. 

Application StatusDescription
In ProgressYour application is pending to be processed. The agency may request additional information or documentation to meet all program requirements. 
DeniedYour application was denied for LIHEAP Payment Assistance.
Transferred    Your application was benefited for LIHEAP Payment Assistance and has been transferred to the State for credit or payment.