If your application has been transferred to the State for payment assistance, you will receive a check form the State Controller's office or you will receive a credit on your energy account in 6-10 weeks from the transfer date. 

Our IT support agents do not process applications or know when applications were transferred for payment. We also do not have access to agency staff that do process and transfer applications for payment. 

To find out about your application, please contact your local service provider that serves your place of residence. 

You can find your agency 3 different ways:

1. Go to California Online Application Portal - Find Services (caliheapapply.com) and enter your residence county/city/zip 

2. Go to the CSD website and enter your city: Find Services In Your Area (ca.gov)

3. Log into your CALIHEAPAPPLY.COM account and click the person icon in the upper right hand corner: